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Technische daten holzvergaser therminator ii installationsprofi. This fact makes them into a favourable alternative to fossil fuels. The solarfocus developments are protected by numerous patents. Centrala mixta therminator ii touch combina avantajul unei centrale pe pellet cu al unei centrale pe lemn. Solarfocus is shaping the future with products to serve mankind and conserve the environment. Raumtemperatur 1 heizkreis 2 dauerbetrieb m heizkreise 1. Use hose rated for the pressure and temperature of the wort and cooling water.

Metered combustion to achieve burning of wood chips with unsurpassed combustion quality. Therminator ii hackgut en 042016 tedoc therminator ii 03. Search in solarfocus catalogs and technical brochures on archiexpo and find the information you need in 1 click. Odpri video predstavitev solarfocus kombinirana pec thermi nator ii. Solarfocus therminator 2 servicemenu via dashbutton. This gives the flexibility for you to run on logs when you have the time to load the boiler and dry fuel available, but means that you can easily swap to run on pellets for convenience the rest of the time. Solarfocus therminator ii pellets holzvergaser youtube.

Download a pdf containing pricing for our full product list. This gives you a full pellet boiler with efficiencies of up to 95. Always properly secure all hoses with hose clamps or appropriate clamping device for the adapter fittings you are using before use. Failure to do so can result in a hose coming off during use possibly causing severe. Sophisticated technology in detail technology and benefits. Current technologies do not meet the necessary performance, cost, and environmental criteria to achieve commercialization of biomass gasification technologies. Solarfocus kombikessel hackgut therminator ii 30 kw mit partikelabscheider. Biomass gas cleanup using a therminator cleanup and conditioning of syngas is a key technical barrier to the commercialization of biomass gasification systems.

Optimalen izkoristek soncne energije s skupnim upravljanjem. The corresponding storage and supply system individually adjustable to your boiler room. The choice is always yours with the therminator ii. Iseli solarfocus therminator ii kombikessel by patrick. Rated output water kw gross efficiency % net efficiency % burn rate kgh burning wood. The unique design of the therminator ii allows you to burn pellets and log wood in one combustion chamber. Edinstvena konstrukcija peci thermi nator ii omogoca ogrevanje s peleti in trdim gorivom v samo eni zgorevalni komori.

Sophisticated technology in detail solarfocus gmbh. Classic auger extraction, a suction system with suction heads, an intermediate store for manual filling or with a pellet box. Wort chiller blichmann therminator chiller assembly. The thermax dv12 therminator features powerful dual twostage vacuum motors for faster cleaning, increased recovery speed and quicker drying time, 11gallon hygienic stainless steel solution tank, and a 12gallon large capacity recovery tank. Additionally, because the unit is so compact it makes for an easy clean up after your brew day is complete. The selling point of the therminator ii boiler is its ability to use multiple fuel sources you can have either a log and pellet option, or a log and woodchip option. Constructed of 316 stainless steel brazed together with pure copper which helps. The combustion air needed in the various areas is sucked in by the speedcontrol led induced draft fan. Holzvergaserkessel solarfocus therminator ii installationen preisinger gols biomasse holzpellets kombikessel.

En 149612enplusa1 the new benchmark for wood pellets. Solarfocus therminator ii a grate explanation oxford renewables. But the difference is in the detail and that is significant for lowmaintenance and reliable operation. Therminator ii, caldaia fiamma inversa legna solarfocus. Therminator ii dna polymerase was derived from therminator dna polymerase and differs in having one additional amino acid change. The therminator is a plate chiller that helps bring the temperature of your wort quickly and more efficiently than a traditional submersible chiller. Wood chips are a by product of domestic forestry and forest management. This means opti mum heating values and protects your heating system.

If you decide after a few years that you no longer want to heat with log wood, you can simply expand the boiler for automated pellet operation. Solarfocus therminator ii a grate explanation youtube. The lambdacontrolled secondary airmixture achieves the highest possible efficiency, even when burning different types of wood chip. Embers preservation option to select the function embers preservation. The generously dimensioned stainless steel filling chamber is designed to accommodate logs with a length of half. The generously dimensioned stainless steel filling chamber is designed to accommodate logs with a length of half a metre max. May be mounted on the right or left vacuum extractor can be retrofitted if necessary. Thermax dv12 therminator cp12 commercial unit only. In the therminator ii we have placed emphasis on designing a particularly generous ash chamber, in order to achieve longer emptying intervals. Even when operated at partial loads, the therminator ii touch achieves excellent emission values. Highest level of efficiency with minimum emission on our environment. Wood gasification boiler therminator ii touch solarfocus.

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