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Just how strong are these super elite ninja and just who would win in a fight. Aug 10, 2012 pain vs itachii think itachi because pain cant get out of gen jutsu that strong. Orochimaru s body is a combination of snakes and a halfhumanhalfsnake head. Typically the books are sold with an individual battle between 2 animals but this larger book contains several. Orochimaru is really strong, even with 2 of his arms disabled he could fend off jiraiya and tsunade in part 1. But imagine, from a story perspective, if he had instead chosen to use this appearance instead. Pein, because pein killed jiraiya easilly and jiraiya and orochimaru are evenly powerful pain would win because it was hard for naruto to beat pain in 8 tails but easy to beat orochimaru in 4 tails dont compare them based off how many forms they have fought of the nine tails because if u were watchin pein. He is super smart rivaling shikamarus intelligence his skills are said to rival those of kakashi hatake on more than one occasion, and he. Orochimaru corrupt rebirth ultimate ninja blazing x. Orochimaru could find him, make his move, steal his body, and seek vengeance on sasuke. If i win i want you to swear, that you will come back to konoha, and if you win, ill pay off all of tsunades debts. Where can i find orochimarus ninja handbook naruto. Then later in the manga, during the fight between sasuke and itachi, orochimaru was revealed to be partly present inside sasuke, where itachi dealt with him.

Around them, the sound four, orochimaru s cursed ninja, erected the violet flames. Showed it vs naruto rasengans but you may say it requires lots of chakra since he fused himself with orochimaru and part of sasori he has alot of chakra. I felt my hatred burning up inside me and my curse mark reacting to it so i pushed down my hatred for now. However, unlike you said in your question, hiruzen did not stop this coffin. As can be seen on this image, it was indeed the 4th hokage that orochimaru tried to summon. But it will happen in an hour from when the rickroll happens, because that human gets a virus where anyone within a 50mile radius will have a 100% chance of getting the infection from them, thus leading them to also getting absorbed in an hour. Orochimaru could take over kabuto, and go on to itachi after sasukes team has weakened him. Pain vs orochimaru pain would win because he has 360 vision,rinningen,crazy jutsu that can beat everyone of orochimaru jutsu useless. Plus, orochimaru is like a father to him, thats why he spent most of his life trying to be him. Oct 31, 2019 an archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works.

Itachi uchiha fights against the six paths of pain and uzumaki nagato. Orochimaru fell to the ground still holding his eyes. Its pretty hard fight, no one knows orochimaru full capabilities. Naruto home decor cosplay wall scroll poster orochimaru 17.

After the hideout in the hidden sound was destroyed by jiraiya, naruto, and sakura looking for sauske. So, thats orochimaru, naruto said through greeted teeth. Kabuto to be precise was the spy sasori sent to orochimaru to gain info, but orochimaru undid the jutsu cast on kabuto and became allies. Please leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed, thank you. Though essentially immortal, orochimaru learns the process can not be done. If its anywhere else, orochimaru loses a close one simply because of that. This is jiraiya before he was killed by pain without any injuries. Oct 15, 2015 orochimaru is someone who is feared by all shinobi because of his appearance and felt so alone as a child. Who would win battle royale by jerry pallotta, rob bolster. In naruto, who would win in a fight between pain and.

For the adolescences of cherryton academy, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness. Weve seen that orochimaru put cursed seals on some people like sasuke, sound four and anko. He is not present in the other four films in the series, had a small part in fifth ova the cross roads. He never fought against itachi he was caught off guard with a genjutsu and itachi cut his hand off. It was the fact that the 4th hokage was sealed with the shiki fuujin that prevented that summoning. Rules as stated, rick astley will absorb any human that gets trolled into viewing his song. Find out in this awesome bindup of five books in the popular who would win. Orochimaru is a fictional character from the naruto manga created by masashi kishimoto.

He also works well with kabuto he will sap a clone to regen himself if. Why orochimaru wasnt interested in getting the rinnegan. I could only see orochimaru pulling a win if he had a significant. Orochimaru so far has only appeared in the fifth naruto film, naruto shippuden 2. I would like to have the full set as advertised and not duplicates. In the anime and manga, orochimaru is a former ninja of the village of. He let it fall to the ground, revealing his purple, useless hand. In naruto, who would win in a fight between pain and orochimaru.

Mar 05, 2010 please dont underestimate kabuto here is some of his feats. But a little girl the same age as him came over and made frie. So, i assume that, if he knew about, he would be trying to find or get the rinnegan. Jiraiyaorochimarutsunade naruto works archive of our own.

This nonfiction series builds background knowledge and research skills. May 11, 2010 remember the time when sai, sakura, naruto and yamato set out to meet this spy that sasori was meant to meet up with. Fine, the bet will be if you can master the rasengan by the time orochimaru arrives. Read orochimaru from the story naruto boyfriend scenarios by shadowgirl98x adriana with 1,671 reads. The mission to retrieve sasuke from konoha for orochimaru was a perfect success. But if you look at orochimarus past history there might be a chance that he might actaully win. Originally posted by kirikaze fuuma iirc orochimaru is the weakest akatsuki i wouldnt go that far, sasuke did after all wait till he was strong enough to fight him, and made sure to attack him at his most vulnerable state.

If he was well and healthy hed most likely come out on top in both rounds. Oct 22, 20 orochimaru, in my opinion would win the battle, they are both dead, but i think orochimaru is far stronger and has defeated very powerful caracters like the fourth hokage, we dont know a lot about sasori, but if sakura was able to beat him, i think orochimaru would win. That doesnt mean hed kill him, just defeat him cause orochimaru is a god damn cockroach. If theyre fighting seriously though i dont think orochimaru stands a chance without his arms. Alright, ill try to explain this is the easiest way possible, because it can be very confusing. Perhaps they cause him to overuse his sharingan eyes, who knows.

Orochimaru tried to get mokuton, tried to get sharingan, tried to get immortality, spent his life searching the sowrd of totsuka. I think that if orochimaru doesnt have knowledge of the paths, its a toss up, however with the knowledge he has a great chance to win. If the fight takes place in nagatos village, orochimaru would win as pain would not destroy his own village with chibaku tensei. Lord orochimaru, isnt the time to take the bandage off your arm. Young readers and nonfiction fans will enjoy diving into the animal kingdom to discover which creature or beast reigns supreme in author jerry. Practically every single fight in naruto craps all over it. This orochimaru is actually quite similar to itachi beyond the sharingan, except that he gets a barrier instead of dodge. Apr 26, 2016 in one scene which orochimaru is nearly killed by sasuke, he shows his real form a giant white snake. At first i thought that it had to do something with body compatibility, but the origin of the cursed seal is jugo, not orochimaru. I edited both songs together for one complete theme for this villain. Ultimate ninja storm on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs answers question titled where can i find orochimaru s ninja handbook. And by his last performance against itachi, he is never really intimidated when the possibility of geting more power exists.

Pein, because pein killed jiraiya easilly and jiraiya and orochimaru are evenly powerful pain would win because it was hard for naruto to beat pain in 8 tails but easy to beat orochimaru in 4 tails dont compare them based off how many forms they have fought of the nine tails because if u were watchin pein couldnt. May 31, 2015 during the preliminaries of the chuunin exam, orochimaru disguised himself as a regular jounin of the hidden sound to hide amongst the other teachers to observe sasukes cursed seal of heaven in action. Naruto said he had to pee so he walked further into the. Giant squid, one that wasnt shown in the original set, lobster vs. If these two were to come across each other at peak power, who would come out on top. Orochimaru only smirked and with his mouth untied the bandage from his left arm. Orochimaru has been known to use a lot of different creepy onorthodox jutsu.

Jun 09, 2015 what if orochimaru had possessed sasuke. Adults will find them fun to read with kids or alone. Orochimaru is a playable character in nearly all naruto video games, including the clash of ninja series and the ultimate ninja series. Orochimaru threw up his robes in one hand and a kunai straight into the hokages head with the other. In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. Kami pov i walked through the gates behind sasuke and the others, not wanting to stand near that annoying pinky and dumbdumb naruto. Orochimaru s theme tab by naruto songsterr tabs with rhythm. Orochimaru and kabuto where heading to the new hideout. Jul 09, 2012 with logic, common sense, and what is currently happening in the manga madara would win. The pain wont go away his eyes had started to burn and his skin was bleeding but now visible wound could be see. Orochimaru s theme tab by naruto with free online tab player. The hardcover of the who would win battle royale by.

They both were always obsessing over sasuke since we were little and it was quite annoying. Orochimaru ok ladies my good friend deidara ever is letting me ask you pretties questions about our date. Aug 21, 2011 seamless combination of orochimaru s theme and orochimaru s fighting theme from the naruto original soundtrack ost 2. Orochimaru by fabio mateus on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The collection features a range of mammals, sea creatures, reptiles, and. He was able to hold off 1st, 2nd, and orochimaru on his own although the hokage werent at 100 prevent obviously. While orochimaru is no doubt a human being influenced by his forbidden jutsu, he appears as a humansnake hybrid. The hokage whipped around and the kunai flew back toward the snakeman. Ok, i lost and begged you for accepting my services. On a date with orochimaru girls only quiz at quiztron. First lets start out with the orochimaru s curse mark, also know as orochimaru s juinjutsu, orochimaru injects the victim with a mixture of jugos transformation enzyme, orochimaru s senjutsu chakra, and some of orochimaru s own consciousness.

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